Angela Pitts

Angela Pitts

Office Manager

Angela, originally from Southern Ontario, moved from Brampton to North Bay in 2004. She raised 2 boys throughout the years with her husband of 29 years. Thriving in team environments, Angela has been an important asset in every team she has been involved in throughout the years including work environments, committees and sporting teams growing up as well as with her son’s.

She has worked in a variety of different work domains and brings all of those experiences and talents cumulatively together to help our clients the best she can. In every job experience, Angela has been able to be extremely adaptive, utilize her exceptional organizational skills, learn to manage clients in a plethora of different circumstances, and is always best known at any job for being the “Work Mom”.

Angela is the voice that you hear on the other end of the phone helping you to make appointments or schedule changes, she will be the first person you see here at our clinic during your visits, she will use her wonderful problem solving skills for anything that may come up and help you have the best possible experience during your time here at Therapy For Motion.

Angela will continuously be the energetic, friendly, coffee addict / coffee joke creator, hard working person that you see when you enter our doors and she will ensure that she can help you in any way she can.