Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is a growing field of health care practitioners who specialize in and are experts in musculoskeletal injuries. An Athletic Therapist assesses, treats, and prevents injuries that occur in sport or recreation, at the workplace, or during everyday life.

An Athletic Therapist can treat everyone from elite athletes to novices and from the recreational person to anyone with repetitive-use pain.

A variety of assessment and treatment tools are used based on the individual needs of the client. A combination of manual therapy and an individualized exercise program is used to enhance the treatment.

Sport Event Coverage

Therapy For Motion offers on-site emergency services for all sport or athletic events.

This includes on-field or sideline assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, basic immediate life support, recognition and assessment of acute traumatic injuries, first aid, return to sport or activity assessment, and prophylactic taping.

Therapy For Motion covers all sports or events including soccer, hockey, football, track and field, field hockey, basketball, baseball, marathon and more.